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Suggest a International Online Pharmacy /
« Last post by eddieMerx on June 16, 2019, 09:41:21 AM »
received anavar and endocet (oxycodone) from topathletesgear within a week of shipping - Good packaging and he even threw in 5 free valium5mg and 5generic ambien to try.

definitely legit source.
I received viagra from them a few days ago.Blue scored pills in original blisters.Quality is excellent. No complaints here.
@eby I paid by card. But the most usedful thing to do would be to e-mail him mainly because I am in the UK and I don't know what area you are in or what options are available etc, he is quite laid back and straight forward to chat to so just send him an message and ask.
What are his payment options?
This is the vendor who was formerly under another name!He  usually stocks regular meds mostly and currently has cetirizine which I use to manage my allergies.

I have placed 2 orders and received both ,and the quality was good. .Although, others more experienced have said some of their products are bad but my experience must have been spot on. For any more information you should get in touch with the vendor I am not sure on his process for international customers so someone who has ordered from offshore might be able to help on that one.I have no connection or control over the vendor and as I said,  he have been around for some time.
E-mail only Pharmacies / Re: Eastcoastexpress at
« Last post by insomniack on April 23, 2019, 12:43:20 AM »
@Lumo, I took a chance on their xanax bars and also a medication that is hard to get (dilaudid 2.5mg) ....I received 2days after I paid, quality ok.
Western Union and other Payment Methods / Re: Bitcoin and online pharmacies
« Last post by Lumo on April 23, 2019, 12:28:47 AM »
I have been purchasing bitcoins since 2008 -too bad I gambled, invested, and gave away most of those profits!!!  Sadly I'm not a multi-billionaire today, jsut a millionaire at this point :-().One thing I've learned through experiences is that the price of BTC is explosive in its upwards moves, it goes up a LOT during bull-markets and doesnt go down a LOT until bull season is over and finished, all of it's down-swings have been shorte-lived. MOST of the time, it's value relative to the USD has been going steadily up when you look at it year by year.My point is, I would not invest 50K in cryptos all at once, right now.  I would (and do) however invest about 5% of my income in cryptos every 3 weeks.  I never sell  because I know its going up and myself going up with it, and if I spend them, I normally buy enough to make up for it and maybe a bit more.   my advice:  NEVER sell out when the price declines (unless it's guaranteed that the crypto is dead and won't recover which won't happen), and KEEP YOUR COINS SAFE in a hardware wallet, or paper wallet.Only invest what you are willing to lose even you now the only way for you is UP.
Suggest a International Online Pharmacy / reliable?
« Last post by Lumo on April 23, 2019, 12:20:42 AM »
anyone recognize or dealt with this iop?  thanks,
E-mail only Pharmacies / Eastcoastexpress at
« Last post by Lumo on April 23, 2019, 12:15:44 AM »
Just received my order from eastcoastexpress. The order was for 80 x 10mg  hydrocodone and the packaging seemed VERY professional. it arrived in blister packs and original boxes. I've now taken more than 20 of these pills and no doubt this is genuine hydrocodone.   

Anyone tried their oxycodone and /or xanax bars?   
Suggest a International Online Pharmacy / experiences
« Last post by AngelWoman on April 22, 2019, 11:43:57 PM »
I used to order from candrugstore about 8 months ago and they were very reliable then. sadly that's the most recent encounter with them. but now I think I may try them again. they used to ship fast and a bit cheaper than other IOP's in the same region.
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